Letter: Both teens should be charged

Two articles recently caught my attention, Dec. 17 and Dec. 22. Both articles refer to threats made against UAA and possibly East High, both by 15-year-old boys. The Dec. 17 article said the U.S. Attorney’s Office declined to bring charges against the 15-year-old boy regarding the threat to UAA. Dec. 22, a freshman at East High School, age 15, was jailed at McLaughlin Youth Center for making the same type of threat.

Let me get this straight. Both made these terroristic threats on websites. Luckily, someone on the other end took them seriously enough to notify authorities. Only one gets jailed. In the wake of recent events I am dumbfounded that both boys are not in jail. How do their cases differ? These are not threats to take lightly and serious consequences need to be taken now, not when it may be too late.

— Katie Boensch