Letter: Why shouldn’t gun salesmen hire the armed school guards?

Armed guards in every school? Yes, let’s let the NRA gun salesmen make the selections. Why not hire the guy that sold the guns to the nutcase that shot Gabrielle Giffords in Arizona? Gun salesmen seems to be great judges of character of who or who shouldn’t have a gun!

Yes to NRA cash and carry out whatever you want to whoever wants it. Let’s make the United States of America just like Palestine, Syria, Lebanon. You got the cash, we will arm you.

The NRA and GOP flakes are willing to go to any lengths except address the root of the problem. NRA and GOP say, “No, hell, NO,” to anything and everything that restricts the Christian God-given right of capitalism surrounding the manufacturing, marketing, transporting and selling of a product designed for the specific purpose of killing and maiming human beings of any and all ages at any time and any place! 

As for Alaska’s Congressman Don Young, this buffoon is an embarrassment to the human race. 

— Dan Boland