Letter: Focusing on single issue is a disservice

It seems that when any large group of people are brought together and a cause presents itself, they collectively RE-act rather than do the one thing that would benefit the group they are seeking to save: THINK.

President Obama’s previous administration suffered whispers of attempts to take away citizens’ firearms. Those stories were dismissed as paranoid fantasies of fanatical tea party (and dare I say it?) racists.

It certainly has not taken very long for the first national firearms tragedy. The administration is now on top of things advocating knee-jerk reaction legislation regarding Second Amendment rights. How long before he invokes “executive privilege”?

Is there room for discussion? Absolutely. Including firearms? Of course!

But to focus on a single issue in the wake of national tragedy and violence does a disservice not only to the victims of the violence but also to the people who are automatically associated with it. Think of the Muslims after 9/11 who only went to mosque to pray. Should all gun owners now pay for the fault of one?

— Dennis Michael Flynn