Letter: Licensing: Don’t stop with gun owners

I’m pretty disappointed with the public wish for gun owners to have to get a license. Perhaps people should be required to take a civics refresher course; then they could relearn the difference between a right enshrined in the Constitution and a privilege granted by statute.

If you want to license gun ownership you had better be prepared to accept licensing in order to participate in other rights such as going to church, criticizing the government or traveling across state lines.

I also take offense at people saying that we don’t need semiauto rifles or large capacity magazines, so we should ban them. That’s like saying since car crashes kill people every year we should ban sports cars and manufacturers should limit top speeds to 25 mph for our own safety, since we don’t need fast cars. Just because you don’t think somebody “needs” something doesn’t make it right to deny it to other law-abiding citizens just because it gives you a warm fuzzy feeling or smug satisfaction that you “did something.”

— James Fitzpatrick