Letter: US needs a well-armed population

What is with everyone who believes we need to restrict guns? The Second Amendment was intended to keep parity between the civilian population and any government entity. Of course there were no “assault rifles” in 1776; the state of the art was muskets. Today the state of the art is “assault rifles” and multi-ammo clips. Our current gun restrictions have made our schools a safe killing ground for anyone. We need a well-armed population for our own defense against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

I particularly take exception to the news media exploiting this latest tragedy for their own agenda and sensationalism. News media are supposed to offer an impartial relating of facts, not a social diatribe on the owner’s/publisher’s/newscaster’s biased ideas. The line between news and entertainment is currently so blurred that what is fact versus opinion can no longer be discerned.

— Carolyn Johnson