Letter: Blame criminal acts on criminals

Charles Krauthammer (Dec. 22) points out a “tiny percentage of the mentally ill” in cases like the recent episode of multiple gun deaths. Krauthammer uses the “mentally ill” label like others in the current arguments.

However, let me add some exceptions and first divide the “mentally ill” from the far worse problem of those who are “criminally ill.” Given a choice would you rather be a career criminal or a law-abiding bipolar under treatment? We carry keys, locks and security devices galore as a result of criminals armed and otherwise. Criminals, subtle and gross, make up a huge percentage of those morally ill and bereft of good conscience.

In my dealings with the mentally ill over the decades, the gargantuan percentage of these sufferers are indeed of fine moral standing and good conscience. Please blame criminal acts upon the criminal minds so inclined where all discredit is due. Bear in mind that the criminally ill beset us each minute with their antics; the “tiny percentage” mentioned above do not.

— Rev. Andrew Weare