Letter: To protect schools, let’s call in SEALs — and heavy weaponry

The NRA has recommended that there be armed guards posted at every school. While their remedy is well-intentioned, it does not go far enough.

The shooting at Virginia Tech happened in spite of the fact that the university employed security guards. So a single armed guard at every school is clearly not enough.

And a whacko was able to gun down a number of people at Fort Hood, in the middle of a military base.

There needs to be a team of Navy SEALs guarding each school. They should be armed with RPGs as well as assault rifles, and should have the ability to call in predator strikes if needed.

President Reagan and James Brady were gunned down when surrounded by Secret Service agents. So even the SEALs may not be enough. The solution is to issue each child a Kevlar vest and to make wearing the vest mandatory during school hours and at all school activities.

If we are going to get into an arms race with the bad guys, let’s win it!

— Roger DuBrock