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Letter: Spenard Road catastrophe


In regard to the proposed Spenard Road rebuild/traffic calming: Many of us used Arctic before it was “improved.” It did indeed need to be fixed but the end result is a catastrophe for functionality. Much of the traffic on Arctic diverted to other roads permanently. When the Spenard rebuild became a likely reality several years ago, I moved away from the area to avoid the multi-year construction effort and reduced functionality the final plan will impose. What is not mentioned is the fact West High School and a large neighborhood beyond it use Hillcrest to Spenard to come and go. Traffic can be heavy for extended periods.

There are numerous examples of modern “traffic calming” techniques used in various parts of the city. They work especially poorly in the winter after large snow berms build up on the sides. Sixth Avenue off Muldoon going toward Creekside Elementary School is truly dangerous for children walking to school when the sidewalks are not cleared, their normal condition.

— Bob White