Letter: State’s GOP lawmakers think ALEC knows what’s best for us

Re: ALEC: Since I moved here in 1961 at age 11 the saying has always been “We don’t give a damn how they do it Outside.” Now the Republicans in the Legislature have changed it to “We do give a damn how they do it Outside.” They have decided that ALEC, a who’s who of the largest national and international corporations, knows what is best for Alaska. These are not just the top 2 percent; these are the top .01 percent of the elite.

What happened to what is best for Alaskans? Our legislators would rather go to conferences and hobnob with the elite and curry their favor than to do what is best for Alaska. Rather than fix the problems we have, they prefer to fix things that aren’t broken. Are Alaska voters really this disengaged (there are other terms that come to mind)? As story after story comes out about what our legislators are doing, I would have to say yes. Yes, they are.

— Michael McKinnon