Letter: Wes Keller lacks accountability

All hail our imperious state Rep. Wes Keller! Who needs a governor or a legislative process when we have King Keller and his loyal fellow legislators who silently recognize the absolute power of Wes Keller? 

Senate Bill 98 regarding personal privacy passed the Alaska Senate with a unanimous vote in April 2011. The Alaska Senate contains members representing the entire political spectrum in Alaska so a unanimous vote demonstrates significant political support of any issue.

However, that Senate vote meant nothing to his majesty Keller. Keller was the chairperson of the first committee in the House of Representatives tasked to act on SB 98. Keller, in disregard for legislative rules, stalled action on the bill before his committee for the entire next year, finally releasing it just before final adjournment, which ensured the bill would die.

So fellow citizens, you need not worry about your political future. Wes Keller is in charge and he owes you no explanation for his actions.

— Lynn Willis

Eagle River