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Letter: Who hunts with assault weapons?

It is time for the hunters to unite against the NRA and let the world know that it is not hunters who need assault weapons and 30-round clips. I have hunted all my life and I have never owned or talked to another hunter who has owned an assault weapon or a clip with dozens of rounds for the purpose of hunting. Further, the Second Amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms,” was adopted in 1791, when assault rifles and 30-round clips did not exist. This means that our forefathers did not intend to give us the right to own assault weapons; they did not know they would ever be created at that time. Even for self-defense, who needs more than a few rounds to protect themselves? No one! The only citizens who need assault weapons are would-be mass murderers. Who needs to protect them? No one!

— David Irons