Kenai Peninsula firearms dealers report run on guns of every kind

Kenai Peninsula gun dealers tell The Redoubt Reporter that, like dealers across the Lower 48, they've experienced an unprecedented sales surge since the Connecticut school shootings. Travis Wright of the Impact Area shop in Soldotna says he sold out his stock of 70 Bushmaster AR-15s within a week of the Dec. 14 massacre -- that's one of the guns Adam Lanza brought to the school.

“This is worse than anything I’ve seen since Obama took office. There was a light bump in sales when he took office for his first term, and then again when he was re-elected, but after Sandy Hook it just took off. It started with ARs, then quickly went to AKs, Mini-14s and other semi-auto ‘black rifles,’ and then magazines for them. But then it was just everything: bolt-action rifles, handguns, parts, ammo, everything — it didn’t matter what it was,” Wright said.

The story was the same at other gun stores around the central Peninsula, and larger sporting goods and retail stores such as Wal-Mart, Three Bears and Sportsman’s Warehouse that stock AR-15s.

“We went through everything we had,” said Mike Misner, an employee at Black Dog Firearms in Soldotna. “It’s been crazy. We’ve had people come in and ask about ARs and other semi-autos, and when they find out we’re out right now, they just say, ‘Well, give me one of whatever you have left.’”

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