Website spoofing Shell's Arctic campaign dupes again

Last spring, a website cleverly designed to look like an official Shell Oil site went online, the work of Arctic drilling opponents Greenpeace and the Yes Lab. The site -- along with a faked video PR event gone wrong and fake ads promoted on a spoof Twitter account -- duped plenty of people, including some in the media. Months later, in the wake of Shell's Kulluk drill rig crisis, the site is still pulling people in. A Seattle public radio station and an environmentalist were duped this week, sharing spoof quotes from the site and attributing them to Shell, reports FuelFix.

Careful website visitors might have picked up on the spoof if they looked closely at the image of the Kulluk, taken while it was docked in a Seattle shipyard undergoing renovations last year. Tattooed on one side of the derrick base is a muscle man caricature and the script “We’re pumped!” — certainly an unlikely bit of decoration for oil drilling infrastructure. ...

While the spoof site gets fresh attention, the activists behind it are planning their own response to the Kulluk grounding. For instance, Greenpeace officials said they hope to send scientists to the region for an independent assessment, in light of official Coast Guard reports that the rig is upright and stable.

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