Letter: Gun-free zones leave children undefended against shooters

I’ve been reading and listening to the pro- and anti-gun arguments and have come to a conclusion. Liberal anti-gun advocates point to the Connecticut incident and scream, “I told you so. Confiscate everything.” People being people, they react emotionally, asking how did this happen, not why did this happen. Why did this maniac target a school full of children? Why not go to some other public place? It’s obvious if you shut up and think about it for a moment. The anti-gunners bragged and boasted about their gun-free zones, didn’t they? They shouted about how more safe your children would be with no firearms legally carried on school property. Well, folks, think about it. In that school there was absolutely no protection, no way to discourage this maniac. The laws are on the books, folks; do you think any more laws would have helped? If there be any blame for this debacle it should be laid at the feet of the anti-gun element. I hope the guilty feelings they should have keep them up nights!

— Jeffrey Goshorn