Letter: Hold leaders to same standards we have

Let me get this straight. Us commoners are facing the so-called “fiscal cliff” and our shameful leader has the audacity to sign a presidential order that gives federal employees, including the vice president and members of Congress, a pay raise. … The same pay raise that they usually vote for themselves. This situation is ludicrous. Clearly the president is pandering for “cliff” votes while the rest of us go over it. There is a two-class system in America. The politicians are one class and the huddled masses are the other. Americans need to stand up to this tyranny and demand that our leaders be held to the same standards us common folks have and they must be part of the same pay and benefit system, which includes having to be on Social Security, Medicare and all the other programs we pay into over the course of our working life. Under this administration we are watching the unraveling of America as the Founding Fathers envisioned it. We as a free nation are facing a real cliff.

— Martin Grossman