Letter: Redistricting board tramples on the rights of all voters

The Republican-dominated “redistricting board” has made a mockery of the constitutional right to one person, one vote. Last week the Alaska Supreme Court, perhaps unwittingly, strengthened their hand to write even more partisan election lines than the one they wrote in 2012 to regain GOP control in the Legislature.

It’s time for nonpartisan redistricting.  The abusive “tradition” that allows either party in power to gerrymander election lines that benefit their party should become a thing of the past.

Last year a political five-member board, with four Republicans, gerrymandered lines to eliminate roughly 10 Democrats from the Legislature. They succeeded at roughly half those races, and failed narrowly, by as little as a few dozen votes, in others.

Now the Supreme Court has ruled this board can rewrite every district, after seeing how their 2012 plan performed. That lets them re-gerrymander lines in those districts where races were closer than they predicted, even if those districts are legal.  Hopefully the lower courts won’t allow this abuse. 

— Rep. Les Gara