Letter: Insurance stand can run wild

This is in response to Bill Wilson’s letter (Jan. 3), that all gun owners require insurance.

Well if you are going to get that way about it, then all bicyclists need to have insurance also, and do not forget fishermen with those hooks flailing everywhere. And do not forget about the inebriates walking around down town stepping in front of vehicles. Do not forget the parents that do not watch their children every minute of the day, you know the ones with sling shots, and also bow hunters with their wayward arrows going this way and that (could poke an eye out). And do not forget that you must have an almost perfect credit score or you will have to carry SR22.

Next Mr. Wilson would require all people playing any type of sport to have insurance also. Let’s see now there has to be something that I have left out; well if I have I am sure someone like Mr. Wilson will think of it.

— Troy Hart