Letter: Using assault weapons to hunt conjures a very dangerous image

Re: “Hunters do use assault weapons,” ADN, Jan. 3, 2013. 

Seriously?!? That’s the convincing argument for keeping “assault”-type weapons legal? I grew up with guns and hunting. When I read the article, I had a vision of a goober discharging rapid-fire rifle shots in a wide arc to kill a running rabbit. In this three-second maneuver, how well is he really aiming? What is in the background of his firing? And, finally, why not use a shotgun? Arguably, it is the more appropriate tool for the job.

Folks, there are MANY dangerous items out there that COULD be used to kill. If used properly, they pose no extraordinary danger. The argument that “assault” weapons are used for hunting may be true and it may be completely safe in the right circumstances. However, the image that it brings to mind is dangerous, if not comical.

I don’t believe that the weapons in question should be banned. But you would never convince me they must be allowed based on a hunting scenario. Consider a better argument.

— Christopher Michl