Lundgren, Davis take giant slalom wins at Alyeska


Lundgren, Davis win

Sarah Lundgren and Kiefer Davis each won titles Saturday in the final installment of the Coca-Cola Holiday Classic, a giant slalom race at Alyeska Ski Resort.

Lundgren was the fastest female, turning in the fastest times on both giant slalom courses from the U-18 division. She finished with a combined two-run time of 2 minutes, 1.77 seconds and became the overall women's open champion with her third win in the three-race series.

Frances Carlisle won the girls U-16 division and was second overall Saturday, just 3.3 seconds behind Lundgren. Carlisle also won the series title in the ladies development class.

The men's race had a few dramatic turns. Davis, a U-21, won the first run after U-18 Nick Crews was disqualified for missing his start. Crews's provisional first run, had it counted, would have put him in first heading into the afternoon's second run.

Tim Thornley, a U-21 who took the overall men's open title, turned in the fastest men's second run and almost caught Davis, but had to settle for second, just .15 seconds out of first.

Charlie Lamb, skiing in the U-14 division, won the men's developmental class series. He and Saturday's U-14 winner Jack Stahla both posted faster times than all the U-16 men.

Coca-Cola Holiday Classic

Saturday's giant slalom results

At Alyeska Ski Resort


U-12 (two-run combined times) -- 1) Hunter Eid, 2:13.85; 2) Colin Horrigan, 2:24.77; 3) Clay Bridges, 2:26.93; 4) Aiden Crosson, 2:46.90; 5) Elias Lindemuth, 2:53.21. U-14 -- 1) Jack Stahla, 2:06.10; 2) Charlie Lamb, 2:06.23; 3) Austen Eriksson, 2:11.32; 4) Col Lindemuth, 2:14.15; 5) Kevin Leach, 2:20.36; 6) Chase Lentfer, 2:24.07. U-16 -- 1) Riley Howard, 2:06.59; 2) Garrett Mashburn, 2:07.01; 3) Alec Stepovich, 2:11.31; 4) Taylor Mapes, 2:11.68; 5) Adam Garrigus, 2:15.87; 6) Jim Henderson, 2:22.18; 7) Ian Teders, 2:32.22; 8) Zachary Burris, 2:33.13. U-18 -- 1) Clayton Wade, 2:05.23; 2) Raymond Wessels, 2:15.35. U-21 -- 1) Kiefer Davis, 2:01.94; 2) Timothy Thornley, 2:02.09. Senior -- 1) Nathan Carey, 2:56.84.


U-12 -- (two run combined times) -- 1) Mary Grace Stahla, 2:16.19; 2) Piper Sage, 2:22.94; 3) Lubava Wessels, 2:34.18; 4) Sarah Abts, 2:39.73. U-14 -- 1) April Ingrim, 2:13.07; 2) Arianna Hall, 2:14.00; 3) Brenna Petrie, 2:18.49; 4) Zoe Hancock, 2:19.98; 5) Alejandra Cielo Legate, 2:22.25; 6) Emily Workman, 2:39.99. U-16 -- 1) Fraces Ruth Carlisle, 2:05.17; 2) Ashlee Weller, 2:05.80; 3) Hannah Lukes, 2:06.16; 4) Amanda Lundgren, 2:07.61; 5) Madilyn Short, 2:08.98. U-18 -- 1) Sarah Lundgren, 2:01.77; 2) Hannah Ingrim, 2:08.20; 3) Molly Lukes, 2:08.57; 4) Madison Mashburn, 2:12.32; Manya Montanelli, 2:19.40.


Persinger qualifies for nationals

Anchorage's Greg Persinger and his curling team qualified for next month's Curling National Championships by virtue of Saturday's win in the A flight of a tournament in Stevens Point, Wis.

Persinger's team entered the tournament as the 12th-ranked team, but pulled an upset Saturday by defeating the top-rated rink. Persinger's squad took the lead with a deuce in the second and stole points in the next two in closing the win.

Nationals, which take place in Green Bay, Wis., is the final qualifying event for spots in November's Olympic team trials.