Letter: Court could have moved faster and headed off flawed election


Our highly partisan governor, Sean Parnell, overreached and pushed the Republican agenda too far in the appointments he made to the election redistricting board. Now we are in a mess.  The Supreme Court recently declared the plan used in the 2012 election flawed and confirmed what most Alaskans already knew; the state was gerrymandered to favor Republicans: “High Court Orders Redistricting Plan be Redrawn” (ADN Dec 28th). Republicans, who held 4 of the 5 election committee seats, sacrificed our state’s interests for partisan gain.

Alaska only has about 25 percent Republicans yet they were 80 percent on the redistricting board. They drew contorted district lines that divided urban neighborhoods and diluted representation for bush communities. Their intentions were clear and now the Senate is under Republican control.  

It is a shame that the Supreme Court didn’t move quicker and avoid the flawed 2012 election. Hopefully, something good will come from the courts intervention in the process.

— Rod McCoy