Alaskans settle grudges in reality TV boxing matches

Mike Dunham

The pilot show for "Alaskan Showdown," featuring boxing Alaskans, will air on Wednesday night on TRU TV.

The program will focus on two "grudge matches" at Anchorage's long-running Thursday Night at the Fights.

"These are guys who had trouble with each other and came to us saying they wanted to settle it in the ring," said Thursday Night at the Fights promoter Jim Patton. The fights took place on July 26 of this year. All participants had at least limited boxing experience, he said.

One of the fights involves two heavyweight friends, Rick "Spanky" Noggle (250 pounds) and Josh "The Griz" Tidwell (275 pounds). One is said to have slapped the bottom of the other's wife at a party.

If the slapper were to lose, he would have to apologize, Patton said. "If the other guy loses, well, I guess he doesn't really have anything to apologize for."

The other fight takes place between a cook and a chef working for the same company. "They didn't get along," Patton said. "One of them has to go so they're fighting to see who's going to leave."

The loser of that bout had to find a new job.

TRU TV shows have included Jesse Ventura's "Conspiracy Theory," Hulk Hogan's "Micro-Championship Wrestling" and the "Most Shocking" series. "Alaskan Showdown" can be seen on HD TV channel 663 at 7 p.m. on Wednesday and on regular cable channel 29 at 10 p.m.

The producers are requesting comments from viewers in Alaska, who can register their opinions about the pilot at

Meanwhile, Patton invites other Alaskans bearing grudges to contact him if they want to duke it out with boxing gloves in front of a crowd. Those who can't talk out their differences can call him at 344-4155 or email