Letter: Courthouse-style security and mental health reform would help

As a former deputy/patrol sergeant./NRA certified law enforcement firearms instructor of 14 years, I see the controversy surrounding the Newtown tragedy as getting away from any intelligent approach to keeping our children safe.

No approach will completely solve this. But banning assault weapons won’t work. There are too many weapons in circulation for any ban to be effective. It would just hamstring law-abiding citizens, making us vulnerable to criminally insane. As has been demonstrated, these people obtain weapons with no regard for the law. Maybe laws and penalties for suppliers should be as great as for  offenders.

Wayne LaPierre’s approach to have armed security  at our schools, much like courthouse security, is a way to be ready for and maybe prevent another Newtown. 

In reference to Leonard Pitts’ comments (Jan. 6): We’re talking about a “logical” approach to safeguard our children — not everywhere  someone decides to shoot and kill someone. That would not be “logical.”

Courthouse style security at our schools coupled with comprehensive mental health reform would be an intelligent approach.

— Daniel Hellyer