Letter: Motorists show no concern

Around 4 p.m. on a recent day, I headed out to run errands. As I pulled up to the intersection of C Street and Third Avenue, I was alarmed to find a young man laying in the street wailing. But, what was even more alarming was how many people just drove around this young man as he lay in traffic!

This was during rush hour, and the situation was obviously very dangerous. But these motorists without compassion, chose to go about their way and leave him to suffer in the cold and in a very life-threatening position,  as if their business was more important than a human life! 

I got out and called 911 while another motorist cared for the man. The fire department and police assisted the individual in need admirably. This in all took about 20 minutes away from my day, but I likely saved a life with next to no effort.

Thanks and Namaste to those who helped the young man. Boo to those who chose to do nothing but drive on by without compassion.

— Adam Whiteman