Our View and Your View: Invitation to editorial board



We're looking for two people to join our editorial board

This is an invitation to submit applications to join our editorial board deliberations for a term of four to six months.

If you're chosen, you'll be meet with other board members -- publisher Pat Doyle, editor Patrick Dougherty, former editorial page editor Michael Carey and editorial writer Frank Gerjevic -- at least once a month. You'll have the opportunity to write guest columns, possibly formal editorials and to communicate your ideas to us at any time.

The purpose for this invitation is twofold.

First, we're looking for additional perspectives from the community. With just four members, the Daily News editorial board certainly doesn't cover the full spectrum of local views.

Second, we want to renew a Daily News practice of inviting readers into the paper to observe and participate. In the past, we've had a Guest Editors program that brought community members into our daily A-1 meetings, and Voices from the Community, in which selected community members wrote a regular column for six months.

This invitation is in the same vein.

We want thoughtful, well-informed residents from anywhere on the political spectrum prepared to ask questions, debate and write with intelligence and passion. We want contributors who will broaden our horizons, increase our knowledge and sharpen our editorial views.

Ranters of any stripe need not apply. There are plenty of venues to vent, plenty of echo chambers. We're after something better.

To apply:

Send us a brief description of yourself, including your work experience and expertise in any particular field. You can include references, but they are not required. Then tell us, in 675 words or less, why you would be a good contributor to the editorial board for four to six months. You'll need to be able to arrange your schedule to attend at least one daytime meeting a month. We'll favor Daily News subscribers over non-subscribers.

Send applications by email to Frank Gerjevic at fgerjevic@adn.com. We'll take applications through January, and aim to choose two board members in early February. If you have any questions, please call 257-4308.

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