Letter: Assembly’s effort is misguided

Anchorage is located in and surrounded by some of the most beautiful land in the world. This city has the potential to be an outstanding home for people and business interests alike.

About 10 years ago, the people and government of Anchorage started to work on a plan to achieve this goal. What happened and is happening to this decade-long working-together process? The mayor and some folks on the municipal Assembly have decided, for us, to give all that work the “heave-ho.”

What now appears to be happening is that there is this misguided effort to have Anchorage mainly “open for business” and the people of Anchorage are to take a backseat; their interests are not to be considered or, at best, very much secondary to the needs and interests of business.

Please contact your municipal Assembly representatives and also be at the Jan. 15 Assembly meeting to let these elected folks know that the people of Anchorage matter in a big and important way.

— Lance Powell