Letter: Grandfather upset that grandson, who is in Army, denied PFD


My grandson, Sgt. Christopher Beasley, was born and raised in Anchorage, and went to Dimond High School. He lives on Blackberry Street, enlisted in U.S. Army on his 17th birthday and was deployed to Afghanistan after about a year. In 2010 he was stationed in Germany, and went to Army Ranger School in the spring of 2011 at Fort Benning, Ga..  After he returned to his home base in Germany, he was sent to Afghanistan for his second deployment there.

He had no leave in 2011, and received that leave after his deployment in February 2012, at which time he came home and spent most of February at home. He also spent his 2012 one-month leave at home. So he had no leave in 2011, but two months in 2012.

He spent months in Afghanistan in 2011, but because he was not in Alaska for 72 hours was denied a Permanent Fund dividend. I have always been proud to be an Alaskan, but am no longer. Shame on the PFD board.

— Jack Rapp