US pulls funding for Alaska Highway repairs in Canada


The Alaska Highway north of Haines Junction, Yukon, carries mostly American motorists, and for decades the U.S. government has paid for much of the upkeep of that 200-mile stretch as well as the highway to Haines, Alaska. But funding for the new paving and repairs to permafrost damage have disappeared from the U.S. budget, reports CBC News.

Al Nixon, with the Yukon highways department, said there is still more than $100 million in work to be done. He said the biggest challenge is with permafrost changes on the most northern portions of the road.

Nixon said fixing the road is an important issue, both for Canada and Alaska.

"We've got very strong support from our colleagues from Alaska, and certainly from the trucking associations and several other interest groups that are supportive, so we're hopeful we can get the funding reinstated," he said.

Nixon said the Alaska government is working with the Yukon government to get funding restored. Read more at CBC News: Yukon government surprised by Alaska Highway repair cuts