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Letter: Alaska has chance to be part of global problem or solution

There is another side to Commissioner Sullivan’s happy talk article “Natural resources drive state’s economy (Jan. 5).” Alaska carbon, now underground, will end up in our atmosphere. Climate change deniers are quietly closing up shop. The one renewable resource mentioned by Mr. Sullivan, our homegrown produce, can’t produce enough peppers and cabbage to absorb all that CO2.

And of all those billions to be made, who will profit? Likely, not very many ordinary Alaskans, just the Alaska 1 percent and the 1 percent who live far away and contribute to our politicians’ campaign funds. Note that Mr. Sullivan said hundreds of jobs, not thousands. Do we want to be a part of a global problem or be part of a global solution?

Maybe we can grow our economy and make thousands of jobs by diversifying our economy and conserving our resources both above and below ground. Maybe we could be the leader at the top of the world who is contributing to a solution to the global crisis rather than another Canada or Russia.

— Richard Hoskins