Letter: Make those responsible pay to curb violence with guns

Whatever Americans’ position on firearms, most people agree that we need to make schools safe for our children. For all schools, we need locking doors that are very difficult to breach, even with powerful firearms; video surveillance and monitoring that only allows access to people once they’re identified by school staff; armed “marshals” who rove between schools; and improved methods of identifying and treating those who are mentally ill. 

At the retail dealers and gun shows, we need more thorough background checks, trigger locks on guns, and perhaps a requirement that buyers purchase firearm liability insurance.

All of this will cost big money. Since the motion picture industry, video game industry, firearm manufacturers and retail distributors created the violent, armed culture we now live in, they should be taxed at the federal level to pay for the measures above. Parents who have allowed their children to view violent media trash could defray some of the cost through regular income taxes. 

— Frank E. Baker

Eagle River