Reviewing Aces injuries the last five-plus seasons

Seeing Alaska Aces winger Garry Nunn crumple to the ice Wednesday at Sullivan Arena seemed like just another day ending in 'y' for the ECHL leaders -- they've been ravaged by injuries this season.

Nunn said he learned late this afternoon that an X-ray and a CT scan of his left foot, struck by teammate Sean Curry's wicked hard slapper in the second period of a 4-3 shootout win over Ontario, did not reveal a fracture. Consider it the mother of all deep bruises -- Nunn's foot is badly swollen, he can't put weight on it and he's using a crutch. But the diagnosis sure beats a fracture and possible surgery. Still, he said docs told him he's likely out 2-4 weeks.

In any event, he won't play Friday against Ontario and that will make him, by The Blog's unofficial count, the 18th Aces player to miss at least one game this season with an injury. In all, through 38 games, Aces players have missed an astonishing 262 games to injury this season.

To put that 262 in perspective, it's more games missed than in any of the previous five seasons -- again, by the unofficial count kept by The Blog. Oh, the 18 guys who have missed time is also a high in the last six seasons, by our count.

Here's the damage in the last six seasons:


2012-13      18                          262 (and counting)

2011-12      15                          177

2010-11      13                          214

2009-10      17                          234

2008-09      14                          240

2007-08      13                          219