Sheen from sunken fishing boats continues to spread near Homer

The Coast Guard says plans for recovering two sunken fishing boats in Jakalof Bay just south of Homer is too complicated to be rushed. In the meantime, an oily sheen continues to spread in the area, which is home to oyster farms, according to the Homer Tribune. The boats sank, one atop the other, on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, probably from the weight of a heavy snowfall.

 Coast Guard officials say the situation calls for safety in extremely hazardous conditions: It will take divers to install flotation equipment beneath the vessel to lift it while cranes raise the 53-foot FV Leading Lady off the bottom. It is taking more time to put together a plan on the part of the clean-up contractors due to safety concerns. Ultimately, the Coast Guard must approve the plan and equipment used. Weather also needs to cooperate.

“When you have divers and cranes, lifting vessels isn’t that big of a deal, but a vessel on top of a vessel is a whole different aspect,” said Petty Officer Jonathon Alexander said Wednesday.

Global Salvage and Diving is the cleanup contractor under the supervision of the Coast Guard, with funding paid for by the National Pollution Fund. They must propose the method for raising the sunken vessels and the Coast Guard needs to approve the plan or ask for modifications, Alexander said.

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