Fur Rondy royalty to be announced

Fur Rondy Royalty to be Announced


Anchorage, AK: Seventy-eight years of tradition rears its beautiful head this Wednesday, January 16, at 10am. Come to the Fur Rondy Shop on the corner of 4th Ave. and D St. downtown to meet and interview the three lovely young ladies who will be our next Rondy Queen and Princesses. The Rondy King and Queen Regent will also be announced.

Those chosen as Fur Rondy Royalty serve as goodwill ambassadors for the 10-day festival. Royalty connects with the community and promotes Rondy during the celebrations and throughout the year.

In addition to the Miss Rondy Queen and Princesses, there are two other groups of Royalty roles within Rondy.

Lord and Lady Trapper attend official Rondy events such as the grand parade, opening fireworks and the World Championship Sled Dog Races. They are chosen by former Lord and Lady Trappers at an annual gathering.

The King and Queen Regent are selected from within the membership of the Pioneers of Alaska. The first Rondy King and Queen Regent were selected in 1959.

Fur Rondy is the nation's premiere winter festival. Since 1935, Rondy has proudly represented the pioneering spirit of Alaskans. Rondy has something for kids of all ages. We welcome visitors and invite everyone to visit our newly remodeled Fur Rondy Shop featuring Caffe D’arte, where the nation’s #1 winter festival meets Alaska’s #1 award-winning espresso café. The Fur Rondy Shop is open year-round. www.furrondy.net. Don’t miss Fur Rondy! Feb. 22 – Mar. 3, 2013.

Press release from Fur Rondy