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Letter: This veteran is grateful for decades-long care from the VA

In my youth, my country called and I answered and then experienced the evil that is war. To this day I believe it was the good Lord, good luck, good training and good buddies, all combined, that got me through my tour. Even in my return my good fortune continues, as the wounds I suffered in combat have tied me to the VA these past 45 years and that is my good fortune.

I wish to thank my doctors who have taken such careful and respectful care of my health: Dr. R. Hamilton, Primary Care, Dr. G. Billberry, Social/Behavioral Health, Dr. K. Bergh and his dental team and Dr. D. Hagen at AA Pain. My life is greatly enhanced thanks to your talents, so please accept a wholehearted thank-you from this grateful vet, and also to you at the VA for authorizing the care necessary for my quality of life.

— Kevin Reider

Big Lake