Moore sets early pace in Copper Basin 300, but Petit first to leave Chistochina

Allen Moore of Two Rivers set the early pace in the Copper Basin 300 sled-dog race Saturday, making the fastest run on the 50 miles of trail between the Glennallen start and the first checkpoint at Chistochina. But he surrendered his lead by staying at Chistochina longer than most others.

Moore, a three-time champion whose last Copper Basin victory came in 2008, arrived at Red Eagle Lodge at 2:57 p.m. He was the only musher to complete the first leg in less than five hours, making the journey in 4 hours, 49 minutes .

Arriving after Moore, one minute apart, were Zoya DeNure and Matt Hall, with DeNure getting there first at 3:12 p.m. DeNure made the run from Glennallen in five hours flat, Jake Berkowitz did it in 5:03 and Brent Sass and Nicolas Petit each clocked 5:04.

Petit was the first musher back on the trail, leaving Chistochina at 7 p.m. DeNure and Hall followed at 7:12 and 7:13, respectively. 

Moore did not immediately give chase, nor did he stay at the checkpoint long enough for his stay to count as the mandatory six-hour layover mushers must take at a checkpoint of their choice. He stayed for 51/2 hours before departing at 8:27 p.m.

From Chistochina, mushers go 58 mile to the Paxson Lodge checkpoint, a run that will challenge teams with overflow on the Gakona River and fresh snow around Paxson.

The 300-mile race, which features 37 mushers, is expected to end Monday morning in Glennallen. The winner will collect $6,000.


Copper Basin 300

Out of Chistochina — Nicholas Petit 7 p.m., Zoya DeNure 7:12, Matt Hall 7:13, Jim Lanier 7:19, Cody Strathe 7:28, Becca Moore 7:32, Brent Sass 7:42, Clint Warnke 7:47, Robert Bundtzen 7:49, Jake Berkowitz 7:53, Lev Shvarts 7:54, Hugh Neff 7:56, Gerry Willomitzer 8:18,  Markus Ingebretsen 8:27, Allen Moore 8:27, Christian Tuner 8:55.

Into Chistochina — Luan Marques 4:21, Rob Cooke  4:33, Vern Halter 4:45, Curt Perno 4:46, Ed Hopkins 4:54, Michelle Phillips 5:01, Dan Kaduce 5:06, John Schandelmeier 5:09, Travis Beals 5:10, Tony Angelo 5:12, Mark Walker 5:14, Cindy Abbott 5:16, Marylin Storey 5:23, Christine Roalofs 5:27, Misha Pedersen 5:38, Robert Bear 5:52, Laura Allaway 5:57, Michael Suprenant 5:58, Nicholis Guy 6:04, Tom  Schonberger 7:07, Jesse Brattrud 7:33 p.m.


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