Arrive with your garbage, leave with a double latte

Waste & Recycling News has a short profile of Talkeetna Refuse, which it says operates Alaska's only privately owned transfer station. While area residents are dumping their trash, at the site just off the Parks Highway, they can also pick up a coffee from owner Bill Stearns' other business, Brown Bear Espresso.

Folks who drop off their trash pull up to a window in the front part of the building to pay for disposal before dropping their trash off around back. And, if they are in the mood on Mondays and Fridays, they can stop at another drive-up window located in the back of the building to order an espresso or smoothie or some other beverage.

Warm beverages are important in these cold parts, and other small espresso stands dot the landscape on the journey up the Parks Highway from Wasilla. But those folks at other roadside stands don't take your trash.

Sterns calls Brown Bear Espresso, the name of the business, another profit center for his company. It's only open two days a week because that's when a part-time employee who runs the shop and does office work is on duty.

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