Letter: Hiring criticism is misplaced

I write in response to the recent article addressing the theft of client funds from the Brother Francis Shelter. The article included implied criticism of the hiring screening process employed by Catholic Social Services “(CSS”). The CSS staff follows the State of Alaska barrier crimes matrix to screen potential employees. It conducts pre-employment drug testing and fingerprinting for those who have direct contact with children and vulnerable adults. It has engaged Pinnacle Investigations to research employee criminal backgrounds. We understand that they have one of the most rigorous screening processes in the industry.

No process is perfect, and we certainly intend to examine ours. But we believe our staff has adopted a reasonable process appropriate to the circumstances. Consistent with its mission, CSS does believe in giving second chances to individuals who are committed to turning their lives around. 

We deeply appreciate the support and understanding that we have received from the community on this issue.

— Pat Gilmore, chair, board of trustees, CSS