Letter: Democrats are set to benefit from GOP’s political mistakes

The fascination with self-immolation never ceases to surprise me when it comes to the Alaska Republican Party. A political party with obvious home field advantage just seems intent on giving the game away to Alaska Democrats. Sometimes, the home team gets away with poor performance because the unintended beneficiaries on the other side of the ball of undrafted free agents can’t seem to make the home team pay for their mistakes.

 This week’s soap opera is courtesy of the folks who backed the third-place finisher to the chairmanship of the ARP. You read that right, friend: third place, not runner-up. Apparently, these folks think the lowest score wins. They want to paint the incoming chairman and vice-chairman as not worthy and are willing to sacrifice all the advantages of the collective ARP and lob an easy interception in 2014 to a waiting Sen. Mark Begich. No doubt this drama is sure to make Mr. Begich as giddy as a pre-teen girl before a Justin Bieber concert.

— Michael Dunton