Alaska militia movement unhappy with FBI informant's interviews

Members of the Kenai Peninsula-based Alaska Citizens Militia are not in a forgiving mood following the revelations of William Fulton, the former Anchorage surplus dealer turned FBI informant who has been interviewed recently by the Los Angeles Times, The Huffington Post and  Today, the LA Times quotes ACM  co-founder Norm Olson of Nikiski as saying he didn't fall for the tactics Fulton used to help the FBI bring down Schaeffer Cox, founder of a Fairbanks militia group. 

Words like "traitor" and "man without a country" pepper the postings this week on the site of the Alaska Citizens Militia, which has no connection to the group headed by Fairbanks resident Schaeffer Cox, who was sentenced last week to 25 years in prison.

Norm Olson, who helped created the Alaska Citizens Militia years after rising to national prominence as the head of the Michigan Militia, posted a photo of Fulton on his militia forum and announced to its members Tuesday:  "This man is a Benedict Arnold.... a traitor of the lowest kind. Have absolutely nothing to do with this traitor."

A day earlier, Olson, who is based on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula, posted  a tongue-in-cheek reference to Fulton, who has left Alaska because of fear of reprisals for his FBI work.

"FBI paid informant, Bill Fulton, was found dead last night from what sources say appears to be an assassination. His hands were bound and a hood was placed over his head. Militia literature was left near the body with a note scribbled, 'payback's a bitch,'" Olson wrote in a post on his organization's Web forum

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