Letter: More guns in schools is not the answer to protecting children

Did Rep. Bob Lynn take time to think about the consequences of districts allowing teachers and staff members to be “armed with guns”? Do we want to teach our children to think all schools are unsafe all the time and that the only way to be prepared is for everyone to carry a gun? What would happen in Bush communities if teachers were armed with guns? What if the guns were stolen? What could possibly happen then?

Prevention before guns! Our schools are not set up to handle intruders. Many school offices cannot see who comes into school much less where they are going and what they are doing. “Please Sign In At The Office” signs are not protection. Hold districts and schools accountable for not having visitors sign in and obtaining a visitor pass that is displayed on their person. Doors of classrooms open outward. How about a safety device that would automatically lock a door from the inside. Drills need to be more frequently practiced. It’s not time for guns!

— Jerry Olive