Dog Blog: Anything goes

Lucy plows the trail for Jillie during Thursday's storm. Although the trails were still icy, off-trail offered some great footing and made for happier dogs.
Photo by Mike Lewis
Eddie loves getting up close and personal with the snow.
Photo by Mike Lewis

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The wacky weather has upset the balance in our pack. Despite the fresh snow, there's a layer of ice underneith that makes walks difficult, especially for Lucy, my Chessie. She's a 90-pound senior and doesn't do well on the glare ice.

We're still doing daily walks, but they're shorter, which means she doesn't burn off all the energy she needs to and winds up being restless around the house. I'm giving her more chew toys, but that creates other problems when the Yorkies try to steal hers and vice-versa. I generally have to crate Lucy during "chew time," and that satisfies her for only short periods of time before she wants out. And I don't trust them with chew toys when we're not home.

Interestingly, the lighter Yorkies just dance across the ice as if it isn't a problem. I've been leaving their fleece booties off on the ice so their nails can give them an assist, and that seems to be working.

Hopefully, this fresh snow will create a firm base and we'll be back to normal.

What's up with your pack?