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Letter: Assault rifle ban is just the first step

The last time I fired a weapon of any type was in September 1979, eight months before I retired from the Army and the last weapon I purchased was in 1963. I have no idea why people would want an assault or a fast firing semiautomatic weapon, it just doesn’t make sense to me. I know they are fun to fire since I fired them in Vietnam in 1969. However I am totally against denying normal, sane people the right to purchase them and use them. 

The reason that I believe as I do is the same reason I believe the vast majority of gun owners are against the ban and it is because of a quote by Michael Moore; per the Anchorage Daily News on Jan. 10 he stated about banning assault weapons, “That should be the bottom line of what we need to start with.” And there you have it, “What we need to start with.” First they start with assault weapons, then shotguns, rifles, handguns  and etc.  until the U.S. is totally disarmed.

— Condon L. Graham