Letter: Taxes are a good thing when they are spent to improve lives

Funny thing about taxes, they ensure our quality of life. 

They ensure the water we drink, food we eat, air we breathe, roads we drive, schools for our children, civil servants who protect and serve, ports where we export and import our goods, and land we live on are in working order. 

I don’t mind paying more in taxes if I know that every child will receive their daily bread and a decent education. 

If our elderly can live on fixed incomes that allows them dignity and a decent quality of living. If every citizen has a voice in their democracy and an equal chance of improving their lot in life.

I do mind paying taxes for unnecessary wars, unethical drone killing programs, unsavory dirty bombs, unrighteous bailouts of unscrupulous corporations, and representatives who don’t realize their prime directive is the greater good, not personal gain.

I make less than 50K a year and don’t mind paying more in taxes if it improves all our lives, not just the retirement fund of Dick Cheney’s ilk.

— Brian MacMillan