Rondy Queen, princesses and King and Queen Regents announced

Courtesy of Fur Rondy

Rondy Queen and Princesses Named 

Anchorage, AK:  At 10 a.m. Wednesday, inside the Fur Rondy Shop on the corner of the historic  4th Ave. and D St., a crowd gathered to witness the announcement of the 2013 Fur Rondy  Queen and Princesses, and the King and Queen Regents. 

Shayla Silva was named Miss Fur Rendezvous and will reign for one year as Rondy Queen. Native to Alaska, Shayla was born and raised in Fairbanks. While growing up as an avid athlete  in her community, she also had aspirations to travel the world. Opportunities opened doors for  her to venture through the Midwest to Southeast Asia. Shayla is back in Alaska completing her  economics degree. 

Avery J. Kristiansen is one of this year’s two Rondy Princesses. She was born in Anchorage and spent the first nine years of her life on the Kenai Peninsula. She has resided in Anchorage for  the last eleven years. Avery graduated in 2010 from Service High School and now attends the  University of Alaska Anchorage where she’s in her third year majoring in hospitality and  restaurant management. In her spare time she enjoys fishing, camping, hiking and the overall  beauty of Alaska. 

Sierra Rain Begich Slade was also named Rondy Princess. She was born in Eagle River. Some of  her favorite things are being outdoors during Alaska’s beautiful summers, cooking and playing with her five-year-old sister. She has a passion for her community, travel and continuing her  education. Sierra is looking forward to traveling abroad to study and volunteer this summer,  and is currently working towards a BAA at UAA this semester. She says she can’t wait to use her education to enrich the community she grew up in. 

The King and Queen Regents were also announced at today’s gathering. Doug and Shirley Iverson met in Alaska before statehood and have been married for 57 years. They are active in  the community and are Life Members of Pioneers of Alaska. They’ve worked many years with  local Lions Clubs to produce the Miners & Trappers Charity Ball held each year during Fur  Rondy. The King and Queen Regents are selected from within the membership of the Pioneers  of Alaska.



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