Letter: Holmes lost at least one fan when switching political party

To answer Don Neal (Letters, Jan. 17): Yes, I am up in arms over Lindsay Holmes becoming a Republican. When I got a call asking if I would put a sign in my yard, I said yes. I also stood with her on a cold November morning waving her sign. I did this because she was a Democrat. This meant to me that she would back union workers and not give away billions in taxes to the richest corporations on earth and would support the social programs that help the poor. All of these things would be to the benefit of her constituents.

Being a Republican means you have to vote the way the leadership wants you to vote, not in the best interest of your constituents. I also voted for her because I did think she was of fine character. The way she went about this conversion in my view was not very ethical, so I guess I was wrong about her being of fine character. Republican extremism is the problem, not her constituents.

— Michael McKinnon