Letter: Our governor needs to keep in mind just who he works for

As a small businessman, I was pleased to hear Gov. Parnell speak of lowering the unemployment tax rate in his address to the new Legislature. This tied in with the other things he touted, “our economy remaining prosperous,” “more people moving to Alaska than in two decades,” and Alaska being “one of the best-run states.” Make no mistake about it, this is all mainly due to ACES, the Alaska Clear and Equitable Share act, signed into law under Palin, and which has given us the oil revenue share to develop the state in many directions, and which is the very thing Parnell wants to dismantle.

The elephant in the room is still Gov. Parnell’s long and intimate history of being Conoco’s lobbyist. We can easily understand that when one has been in bed politically with someone for so long, it can be hard to remember who one is supposed to be working for. Let’s give the governor a reminder: It is not Conoco.

— Tony Tengs