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Letter: Politically correct scanners at airports a waste of money

I just read the article on the TSA removing and replacing the airport scanners.

Once again, our government has proven beyond a doubt that it is as inept as it has ever been. First, they spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars on perfectly useable airport scanners. Then some ninnies complain, and now they are already spending hundreds of millions more of our money to buy new, more “politically correct” scanners.

What is the really insane part of this entire scenario is that the newer scanners give such a blob of an image that the TSA cannot seem to recognize a comb from a bomb.

That means that travelers still need to remove every comb, and belt buckle, and shoes to prove we are safe to travel. So they are literally upgrading backward at the cost of hundreds of millions of tax dollars. I would be arrested for fraud! But it looks like some TSA bureaucrat is probably up for a raise because of his wise decision.

— Randy Brandon