Letter: Will all Republicans come around and do right thing?

It is sad that Republican House Speaker Mike Chenault filed House Bill 69, which would invalidate federal law, in case it will make semi-automatic firearms or magazines illegal. Chenault criticized President Obama for pulling “emotional heartstrings.” President Obama did that because, as he said, “Our highest duty is to protect our children.”

President Obama’s plans to reduce gun violence seem excellent and common sense and do not negate the Second Amendment. I am pleased that our U.S. Sen. Mark Begich submitted a measured statement about President Obama’s proposals. (Murkowski was on a foreign trip and unavailable.) Though U.S. Rep. Don Young opposed the “president’s call for banning aesthetically altered rifles and shotguns and certain magazines,” he agreed to work with colleagues in Congress to “keep guns out of the hands of madmen.”  

Is there hope that all Republican legislators will seek to save lives and serve the public good?  

— Amy Bollenbach