Someone in Haines is shooting dogs with arrows

Two dogs were struck by arrows in a Haines neighborhood last week, and one of them died. Three dogs went missing in the same neighborhood last year, reports the Chilkat Valley News.

Maple, a 1-year-old black lab and rat terrier mix, came yelping back to her West Mathias Avenue home at about 10 a.m. Tuesday, about 20 minutes after she and Foxy, a 9-year-old boxer-dachshund mix, were let out together.

An arrow was sticking through about four inches of Maple’s scalp. “She came up just screaming onto the porch,” said owner Mike Kinison.

Foxy, owned by Kinison’s girlfriend Shannon Thompson, died after returning home at about noon Wednesday, pierced through the gut by an arrow. “She spent the night out in the woods.”

When Maple returned Tuesday, Kinison said he didn’t expect to see Foxy again. He suspects whoever shot Maple also killed Foxy and three other dogs that went missing from North Third Avenue and Fourth Avenue last fall, all within a few blocks of West Mathias.

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