300 Blockbuster stores to close; impact in Alaska unclear

Mike Dunham

Dish Network Corp. has announced that it will close about 300 Blockbuster stores in the coming weeks. Company spokesman John Hall could not say whether any stores in Alaska will be among those closed. "The list hasn't been announced," he told the Daily News on Tuesday.

The Blockbuster website lists 15 Blockbuster stores in Alaska, including five in Anchorage and Eagle River.

The Dish Network acquired Blockbuster in 2011 after the video rental company filed for bankruptcy. Last year it closed more than 500 Blockbuster stores. The newly announced closures will bring the total number of stores in the U.S. to around 500, down from some 5,700 in 2005. Hall said 3,000 employees will be laid off.

Last week, Variety reported that the franchise's British branch, Blockbuster UK, filed for the British equivalent of Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

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