Aces D-man Wrenn cranks a slapper at 96 mph

Alaska Aces rookie defenseman William Wrenn of Anchorage participated in the ECHL All-Star Skills Competition tonight in Loveland, Colo., and ripped a slapper at 96.0 mph in the Hardest Shot event.

That was the hardest shot of four All-Stars and fourth overall -- three Colorado Eagles topped that, including the winning 101.1 bomb launched by Isaac Smeltzer. The Eagles won that event.

Wrenn also took place in the Skills Course competition, which the All-Stars won in 1:18 to the Eagles' 1:36.

There were a bunch of other skills deals in the competition, which the Eagles won, either 10-5, as its reads in the league press release, or 5-4, as it reads in the box score. That is troublesome, of course, for those you who had big bets on the competition and were closely following the spread.